''We create technology solutions to strengthen the management of your business workflows''

Our Solutions

In the everyday registration routine of employees, visitors or contractors and in authorising the granting of access to your organisation under proper conditions, we see unique opportunities for innovation and improvement. This has been achieved with three proven solutions.


BlueSafety is the E-learning platform for companies that want to improve the safety of their environment. The platform enhances the safety of employees, contractors, and visitors. Make safety a certainty.

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Your online visitor registration, which offers the option to link access rights to your access control. BlueEntrance works with all existing access systems. Admit visitors at your reception desk and simply sign them in.

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BlueConn automates and connects data processes between various systems and applications. BlueConn monitors, logs and optimises data streams and offers new, justified management and control information, quickly and easily.

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Market Segements

Our applications, which help improve the process of visitor and staff registration and authorisation, mainly prove their worth in the following market segments. In the meanwhile, over 150 customers benefit from greater ease of use, more efficiency and extra service.

Every day, for example, thousands of visitors are signed in to gain access via BlueEntrance and the presence of thousands of employees as well as the duration of their presence, are clearly shown with BlueTime.

Corporate market

Multi Tenant


Industry/ Port


Our Advantages

Process optimisation

Process optimisation

Quality of the end result invariably takes priority. We achieve that through an acceleration of your processes, a higher level of security, time savings for your staff, gaining more insight and lower costs.

Project approach

Project approach

After being granted the assignment, an assessment interview is scheduled for the coordination details and framework of the functional design of the proposed application. In doing so, coordination takes place between the relevant parties/departments of your organisation to achieve an ideal implementation. Once the framework is in place, we apply the DTAP (development, testing, acceptance and production) approach.



Implementation of a project does not end with delivery of the application. Our support covers the entire procedure. Even after delivery we are easily accessible and we go the extra mile until the last question has been answered.



Our applications have been developed so that they work with virtually any system. This will avoid duplication, so there is no need to buy a new system. Our system-independence is an advantage for clients.

Our Services

Project management

Bluefield Smart Access distinguishes itself in terms of its services by taking a project-based approach to complex issues, focusing on results, and being responsible for the completion of (entire) projects.

This is to determine the starting points, aims and objectives, overall scope, timeline and risks entailed and to present a project plan. This gives our consultants a framework to realise what has been agreed. During the project, the DTAP (development, testing, acceptance and production) method is used.

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