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BlueConn automates and connects data processes between different systems and applications. BlueConn monitors, logs and optimises data flows and gives you new, well-founded management and control information, quickly and easily. With your front-end.

Automate and connect

Seamlessly automate and connect different data processes between systems and applications. Blueconn opens up monitoring and logging functionalities for data flows. Through optimisation, an outdated ecosystem evolves to a new, well-founded information and data flow.

A system focussed on the exchange of Personal identifiers and auto-switching data between integrated systems. Whether or not supplemented with specific business logic. Objectives are always that the functional management of persons, identifiers and access rights are managed centrally and not in two or more systems.

BlueConn is made for parties that deal with two or more systems and want to reduce their management to just one, preferred interface.

What is BlueConn?

The connection between intelligent interfaces. A translator and communicator that enriches the collaboration between different databases. It allows to use of vastly different data and combines them into a starting point to work with.

Unlocking and communicating data to make connections visible. Not only to get desired control but also insights into the data and processes happening in and around that data. A simple authorisation expands into a set workflow, for example when authorising an employee, different systems will seamlessly react with it.

Benefits of BlueConn

BlueConn brings a multitude of advantages, empowering your business with smart data insights, automated application of business logic, real-time
monitoring, seamless integration with existing systems, and robust security with GDPR compliance. Extracting actionable information,
BlueConn simplifies correlations in a user-friendly manner while continuously tracking and logging system data for better process
visibility. Tailored to your needs, BlueConn connects with almost any system, ensuring safety by detecting anomalies and enabling prompt


BlueConn integrates with almost everything. Examples of unique cases in which we enriched a connection between data systems are:

  • Access control systems
  • HRM
  • Parking systems
  • Active Directory
  • Clothing vending machines
  • Locker systems
  • Data warehouse
  • Data roundabout

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