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Your online visitor registration, which offers the option to link access rights to your access control. BlueEntrance works with all existing access systems. Admit visitors at your reception desk and simply sign them in.

Why would you want a registration portal?

Granting manual access to each employee, company visitor or group takes too much time and effort. Additionally, one soon loses sight of the overall picture in the number of visitors per host or per period.

Tackle the sign-in procedure in a structured manner, avoid problems with audits and ensure that your security, general and technical services Managers understand it properly.

BlueEntrance is a web-based application that supports your reception/HR staff in signing in, registering and authorising visitors and employees.

BlueEntrance functionalities

BlueEntrance includes different functionalities to suit every situation. Each of these situations requires different solutions, and our registration portal provides them. The users of the applications and applications can each use different features, indicated and customised by the respective main user. The goal: Personalised access for everyone!

Below you can read more about the possible functionalities within the BlueEntrance registration portal.

Efficient and controlled parking

BlueEntrance can help you manage access to not only your business premises but also your parking lot. In addition to basic registration information, you can include vehicle license plates and set up automated access for authorised personnel. This can be done by integrating with your current parking system and/or license plate recognition system.

If you have multiple tenants, you can also use the counting system to keep track of how many employees and visitors have parked during specific time periods and for which tenants. By offering a welcoming reception, you can provide a positive experience for your employees, visitors and contractors.

Registering visitors

Register visitors in advance, not only using personal data, the host and license plate number, but also with general or person-specific access rights. For maximum efficiency and security, BlueEntrance can be linked directly to your existing access control system. BlueEntrance can be configured entirely according to your preferences and requirements. Other data could be included: lunch, extra host or registration and verification of security documentation.

Signing in several visitors simultaneously?

Is there a big meeting or do you expect several visitors at the same time? CSV files can also be imported into BlueEntrance. With a single click, staff at the reception desk know exactly who is expected.

Overview of presence

BlueEntrance makes it easy for staff at the reception desk to see all the pre-registered, present, and signed-out visitors with just a quick glance. With the reporting tool, you can also track the number of visitors present in your company at any given time, including peak periods, providing valuable insights for managing visitor flow.

BlueEntrance is the perfect combination of hospitality, efficiency, and security. With its user-friendly interface, your visitors can enjoy a warm welcome while the system streamlines the check-in process. Plus, you can be sure that your facility is secure by tracking who is coming and going at all times.

Register your employees promptly

With BlueEntrance, registering employees is quick and easy. It can be done manually or automatically, with the option to create role-based access profiles based on function, level, or department. These profiles can include specific access rights for areas like access control, parking, and KIA/KUA systems.

Once access rights are assigned, they are linked to the employee's access pass which can be linked directly through the BlueEntrance application. The pass layout can even be customized to fit your brand. Employees can also give digital approval for their pass before receiving it, and a (parking) balance can be linked to it through the iDeal portal. Plus, if employees need to update their information, they can do so themselves through the system.

Signing in at the check-in post

A dedicated kiosk at the entrance area lets visitors and staff register on-site. They can sign in manually with their name, expected company, or through a QR code provided by BlueEntrance. The system automatically logs in the visitor upon registration. An access pass with standard or personalized access rights can also be printed for the visitor. To log out, a similar process is followed.

For more information on the kiosk and all the processes that are involved around it, send us an email or visit the upcoming page under the Solutions section.

Employees as a host

Make sure to always connect appointments directly with the employee or host. This ensures that visitors, hosts, and reception desk staff are all immediately informed of the planned visit.

Moreover, your employee or host will receive a notification as soon as the visitor is physically signed in at the reception desk upon arrival. This helps prevent errors and improves your overall service orientation.


Make your visitor registration process more efficient by allowing visitors to register themselves at location or through email. By simply entering the name, email address and time of the visit, BlueEntrance can automatically generate an email invitation to the visitor to pre-register themselves. This helps to avoid mistakes and enhances efficiency.

Once the data has been entered, the reception desk staff or inviting employee receives a confirmation, and the guest is immediately recorded in the system as an 'expected guest' with all the correct details. The guest will also receive the QR code to log in at the location. This ensures a warm and welcoming experience for your guests, starting from access to the parking lot onwards. With BlueEntrance's integration with the parking system, the visitor can easily drive into the parking lot upon arrival, saving time and hassle.

Authentication, verification and authorisation

The BlueEntrance application offers a safety and security feature called BlueSafety that allows you to manage important instructions for employees, contractors and visitors. You can easily authenticate and verify security documents such as passports, ID cards, certificates, work permits, and gate instructions.

The documents are checked for authentic security features and valid data using web services. You can also authorise access rights for employees and visitors for the required period and receive reminders when course documents are about to expire. Check out the BlueSafety page for more information on this functionality.

Link your operational systems

BlueEntrance can easily link to your existing operating systems such as Access Control, Parking, Active Directory, HRM, Lockers, Clothing, (badge) Printer, VOIP and/or other systems like ID and passport scanner, for an automated access procedure. As an independent party, BlueEntrance can set up the link for you, seamlessly integrating your existing data.

For those who prefer integration without BlueEntrance intervention, BlueConn offers a solution.

Future ready

BlueEntrance integrates with Microsoft's Azure AD to ensure safe and secure login management. Azure AD is a cloud-based login service from Microsoft that uses users' known accounts and verifies them in the cloud to ensure secure access. Learn more about Azure AD through this article.

Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in our Azure AD integration.

Challenges and the solution for parking management at NSI

Due to the unclear parking policy, company visitors were not always pre-registered and when there was a lot of traffic, they parked in places that were private. Often tenants' parking spaces were unjustly occupied when people paid for them.

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