Market Segments

Corporate market

Bluefield Smart Access contributes to safer and more efficient operational processes within business services; one of the largest sectors of the Dutch economy. In terms of registration, authentication and authorisation procedures, we help you save time and money to improve your processes.

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Multi Tenant

The real estate sector, including the market of multi-tenanted buildings, is shifting rapidly. Trends like changing mobility, crowdsourcing, smart buildings and cyber security have an impact on the organisation and processes within office buildings. By using Bluefield's applications, you can cleverly anticipate and be able to better serve your tenants and their customers.

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In the public sector, processes continue to be standardised and automated to further improve the quality of services. At the same time, the volume of data grows explosively, mobility is changing and cities are growing into smart cities. These developments call for continuous harmonisation and optimisation of business operations. In doing so, Bluefield Smart Access applications are valuable practical tools.

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Industry/ Port

In facing fierce international competition, the industrial sector must continually refine its distinctive capability as well as improve and respond flexibly to customer requirements. It calls for R&D investments, network collaboration and knowledge clusters, as well as unabated attention for sustainable and safe production processes.

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With more than 1.1 million workers, the care sector is one of the largest sectors in the Netherlands. Due to an ageing of the population, the need for care and eHealth is becoming increasingly important in the years ahead. Care providers must concurrently pay attention to costs, efficiency, customer focus and security. ICT and the internet prove their worth in these developments: there will be more applications to provide information, products and services to the care sector.

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