Corporate market

Bluefield Smart Access contributes to safer and more efficient operational processes within business services; one of the largest sectors of the Dutch economy. In terms of registration, authentication and authorisation procedures, we help you save time and money to improve your processes.

Telecomaanbieder wint tijd en overzicht met BlueEntrance

We installed BlueEntrance for a telecom provider to gain a better visitor management. Every day this company receives dozens of visitors and contractors, who are assigned access rights to specific departments so that they are able to carry out their work or have an appointment with the relevant host. Gain > Registering and issuing access rights through QR codes, is done within seconds. Quickly and safely. A company with approximately 150 employees substantiates the maximum number of hours, thanks to BlueCon. A large business enterprise in the Netherlands Antilles wanted to send a fully automated matrix report in PDF to all its employees every week, using data sourced from the access control system.

Our BlueCon application offers this possibility. For instance, the customer can substantiate the personal data (number of working days per week per employee, standard hours and actual hours booked using the transactions in the access control system) for the total number of calculated hours, and steer this in a more targeted fashion. Gain > Automation of this process often saves employees costly administration time, which they could better spend on other tasks and activities. In addition, the data is transparent, thanks to overviews being available on demand.

Uitdagingen en de oplossing voor het parkeermanagement bij NSI

Door het onduidelijke parkeerbeleid werden bedrijfsbezoekers niet altijd voor aangemeld en werd er bij grote drukte op niet-eigen plekken geparkeerd. Vaak werden de parkeerplaatsen van huurders onterecht bezet terwijl men daarvoor wel betaalde.

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