Multi Tenant

The real estate sector, including the market of multi-tenanted buildings, is shifting rapidly. Trends like changing mobility, crowdsourcing, smart buildings and cyber security have an impact on the organisation and processes within office buildings. By using Bluefield's applications, you can cleverly anticipate and be able to better serve your tenants and their customers.

Gaining an insight into the volume of visitors per tenant for a large office block on the Zuidas

One of our customers is a large office building on Amsterdam's Zuidas. Here, hundreds of visitors are received every day. By using BlueEntrance, the 49 tenants have the possibility to register their own visitors in advance. These visitors are received at the main reception desk in the lobby.

Using BlueEntrance, a visitor's badge is issued containing the access rights for the relevant tenant in the office building. In this situation, the tenants, the hosts and the main reception service have an insight into the visitors registered, preregistered and present for each tenant. In this, the registration and authorisation procedure runs efficiently and welcoming.

BlueCon provides insightful data for access to the parking lot

Another ultramodern office building periodically wanted to receive an output file of card readers and personal data. Our generic application BlueCon, exports specific data fully automatically at fixed times from the access control system to another application in the network.

This CSV output file is used one-on-one as reliable input for the access control system for the parking lot. The personal data, the company, the license plate and validity are basic data for granting access; these are scanned automatically. Efficient, prone to fewer errors and safe.

Uitdagingen en de oplossing voor verzamelpand met 70 huurders

Voor een pand met 70 huurders was het lastig om het parkeerterrein onder controle te houden. Als de eigen parkeerplekken vol waren en er zich bezoekers meldde ontstonden er lastige situaties, parkeerplekken waren vol en men parkeerde op plekken die daar niet voor bestemd waren. De concrete vraag was: Inzicht in de toegangsrechten van het parkeerterrein en deze te beheren en automatiseren.

Herkent u één of meerdere van deze situatie(s)? Lees nu verder en ontdek hoe wij dit hebben opgelost!

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