In the public sector, processes continue to be standardised and automated to further improve the quality of services. At the same time, the volume of data grows explosively, mobility is changing and cities are growing into smart cities. These developments call for continuous harmonisation and optimisation of business operations. In doing so, Bluefield Smart Access applications are valuable practical tools.

Major government institutions opt for BlueEntrance

For government institutions, verified access of employees and visitors is of major importance for security purposes. For this reason, a major government institution wanted to make its access process easier, more efficient and with maximum security for employees and visitors. The preference was to register all visitors by reception desk staff or via an imported file. They opted for BlueEntrance. The application ensures that after verification, visitors are automatically registered in the existing access control system, with specific access rights and a validity period. This complies with all the aims and objectives.

Clearly structured parking management for the municipality

BluePark supports and improves parking management for a municipality. This municipality
has eight parking garages, on-street parking, mobile parking and one parking
facility for trucks. These forms of parking are linked to six different
systems. BluePark cleverly combines these, resulting in the municipality having
a better insight into factors such as parking behaviour, the occupancy rate and
peak and off-peak times. In addition, each pay terminal can provide an overview
of revenue and payment methods. This data is used for coordinating the emptying
of cash receipts from the pay terminal device. Moreover, BluePark provides
important input for the development of parking policy.

Uitdagingen en oplossing voor Parkeerbeheer Roosendaal

Voor parkeerbeheer Roosendaal was het lastig om een onderhoudsplan op te stellen omdat er weinig stuurinformatie beschikbaar was. De concrete vraag vanuit Parkeerbeheer Roosendaal was om alle informatie uit bestaande parkeersystemen samen te voegen en te ontsluiten in 1 centrale applicatie.

Is het voor u ook interessant om alle parkeerinformatie inzichtelijk te hebben? Lees snel verder..

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