With more than 1.1 million workers, the care sector is one of the largest sectors in the Netherlands. Due to an ageing of the population, the need for care and eHealth is becoming increasingly important in the years ahead. Care providers must concurrently pay attention to costs, efficiency, customer focus and security. ICT and the internet prove their worth in these developments: there will be more applications to provide information, products and services to the care sector.

One centralised application for access rights (for four different systems)

The Nij Smellinghe Hospital uses various systems to provide employees with various types of person-specific access rights. For example, not only for their physical access to different rooms and (parking) areas within the hospital, but also for access to medicine cabinets, the pharmacy, clothing dispenser and locker system. Thanks to BlueEntrance, this process is optimised and the hospital can now register, authenticate and authorise all employees and external parties through a single system; it had previously been done in four separate systems. More efficiency, fewer errors, in short: a faster, safer and more user-friendly process.

Hospital avoids high costs for unnecessary parking garage

Owing to parking congestion in the neighbourhood surrounding the hospital, the hospital administration was requested to build a second parking garage or to demonstrate that building the garage was not necessary. Thanks to a smart link with the existing parking system, BluePark provided practical clarity: hidden data was revealed which gave the administrators an insight into the current parking behaviour. Detailed figures on the occupancy rate, parking pressure, peak and off-peak times, and user groups could be shown to the municipality, proving that a second parking garage was not necessary. This has prevented unnecessary costs, which will benefit the continuity of the hospital.

Nij Smellinghe

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