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Bluefield Smart Access Approach to Complex Projects: Project-Based, Result-Driven, and DTAP-Method Oriented

Bluefield Smart Access distinguishes itself in terms of service through a project-based approach to complex projects, driven by results and taking care of the realization of (total) projects.

On this basis, the starting point, objectives, total scope, timeline and risks are determined together and a project plan is presented. After this, our developers get to work to realize what has been agreed, during the project they work according to the DTAP-method and plan in sprints.

What is the DTAP-method?
The DTAP-method stands for development, test environment, acceptance environment and a production environment. By using this method, we can be sure that the services will work properly and your requests will be ready sooner.

In the development phase, new functionalities are tested in a copy of the system. In this copy, we can freely test the application without taking the risk that something goes wrong in the original system. The advantage of a test environment is that a product can be tested by everyone. The client can have the application tested by any person.

How does planning with sprints work?
The developers at Bluefield Smart Access work in fixed periods, called sprints. This is a period in which parts of the projects are carried out and completed. At the start of a new sprint, the project is assessed on size and how much time it takes, split up and planned. This makes it possible to provide updates about the stage of the project with the possibility to try it out. Which is related to the DTAP-method.


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