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BlueConn automates and connects data processes between various systems and applications. BlueConn monitors, logs and optimises data streams and offers new, justified management and control information, quickly and easily.


Big data becomes easy to work with thanks to BlueConn. You can use BlueConn to make connections, gain an overview and automate data processes between different databases or systems and applications.

  • Acts as an independent intermediate layer between databases and / or systems
  • User-friendly interface
  • Integrated monitoring and logging functionalities
  • More overview and customized information

How does it work?

BlueConn creates intelligent interfaces that connect different databases with each other. It works as an "invisible thread" that allows different systems to communicate with each other.

BlueConn unlocks and communicates data and makes connections visible. You will not only receive the desired management information, but also improve your insight into your processes. In addition, the basic authorization can be arranged in BlueConn for each role or position of the employee.

For example, one of our clients wanted all new and updated employee data from the Oracle HRM system to be synchronized to the access control system on a daily basis. BlueConn takes care of that!

Suitable for whom?

BlueConn is 'the' application for companies that want to use their data processes as automated as possible from one central application to existing databases and systems. This could include the processing of personal data from the HRM system to 'underlying' systems, for example for access control, lockers and parking.

Your benefits:

  • From big data to usefull data: with BlueConn you can extract more useful information from your systems and get a better overview
  • BlueConn automatically applies your business logic and makes connections in a user-friendly and easy way
  • BlueConn can link almost all existing systems. Each process is tailor-made, with your wishes and requirements as the starting point.
  • BlueConn works 100% secure, GDPR-proof and automatically warns if something abnormal is detected, so that you can respond immediately.


We've already made a connection/ link with all of the most common systems there are. If your company uses a different system, we will make sure to make it work!

We've already linked these systems:

- Access control systems
- Parking systems
- Active Directory
- Clothing machines
- Locker systems
- Data warehouse
- Data roundabout

We offer unique applications in the market of Identity & Access, Parking Management and Presence Registration.

Challenges and the solution for parking management at NSI

Due to the unclear parking policy, company visitors were not always pre-registered and when there was a lot of traffic, they parked in places that were private. Often tenants' parking spaces were unjustly occupied when people paid for them.

Also want link your operational systems?

Would you like information about the possibilities of linking with systems such as access control, HRM, passport / ID scanner, locker, clothing, systems, (pass) printer. Enter your details and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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