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Your online visitor registration, which offers the option to link access rights to your access control. BlueEntrance works with all existing access systems. Admit visitors at your reception desk and simply sign them in.

Why would you want a registration portal?

Granting manual access to each employee, company visitor or group, takes up a great deal of time and requires lots of effort. Additionally, one soon loses sight of the overall picture in the number of visitors per host or per period.

Tackle the sign-in procedure in a structured manner, avoid problems with audits and ensure that your security, general and technical services, and IT Managers understand it properly.

BlueEntrance is a web-based application that supports your reception/HR staff in the process of signing in, registration and authorisation of visitors and employees.

BlueEntrance functionalities

Below, you can read more about the possible functionalities within the BlueEntrance registration portal!

Person-specific access for everyone!

BlueEntrance ook voor toegang-verlening tot uw parkeerterrein

BlueEntrance is also used to grant access to your parking lot. Use BlueEntrance to grant access rights to employees and visitors not only to your business premises, but also to your parking lot!

Aside from registering the usual names and addresses, include the vehicle license plate and grant automated access to the parking lot. By interfacing the current parking system and/or license plate recognition system, direct access is granted for the appropriate access rights on presentation of an identification.

By using the counting system – which is of interest for multiple tenants – you know exactly how many employees/visitors have parked for each period, for how long, and for which tenant. Offer your employees and visitors a welcoming reception! Do you want to know more about reporting options for your parking system? Read more about the options using the BluePark application.

Registering visitors

Register visitors in advance, not only using personal data, the host and license plate number, but also with general or person-specific access rights. For maximum efficiency and security, BlueEntrance can be linked directly to your existing access control system. BlueEntrance can be configured entirely according to your preferences and requirements. Other data could be included: lunch, extra host or registration and verification of security documentation.

Signing in several visitors simultaneously?

Is there a big meeting or do you expect several visitors at the same time? CSV files can also be imported into BlueEntrance. With a single click, staff at the reception desk know exactly who is expected.

Always having an overview of your visitors

A BlueEntrance overview shows staff at the reception desk all your preregistered, present and signed out visitors, at a glance. Using the reporting tool, you know how many visitors are present at your company (absolute and average) and when peak periods occur.

Hospitality, efficiency and security go hand in hand with BlueEntrance

Register your employees promptly

Easily create employee records in BlueEntrance or periodically synchronise the employees' basic data from the HR source system using BlueEntrance. In BlueEntrance, simply attach a role-based access profile to your employees based on position, group position level, or department.

This access profile can consist of specific rights to Access Control, Parking systems and/or the issuing and exchange of uniforms system. If it is required to add a passport photograph to the employee profile, this is directly enabled by using an integrated or webcam interface system or an upload of an existing digital photograph.

Personalised access rights are now captured in the profile of the relevant employee. Depending on your access control system, they are directly linked to the access pass and/or the new card now needs to be printed. The BlueEntrance application enables the access pass to be encoded and printed.

The template can, of course, have an own corporate identity! When the personalised access pass is physically issued to your employees, they provide a 'digital acceptance' on receipt. Does your employee have a new license plate or phone number? By using their personal login, employees are able to view or change personal data.

Do you also want a personalised (parking) topping-up to be linked to the access pass? By way of the iDEAL portal, there is a login option for each employee to top-up the balance on the access pass using iDEAL. This is done, for example, to offer employees a discounted rate outside of working hours.

Signing in at the check-in post

Upon arrival, pre-registered visitors can physically check-in at a special check-in post in the entrance area. This can be done by name, company or with the QR code provided by BlueEntrance. This enables your visitor to be automatically logged into the system.

In addition, you have the option to print an access pass for your visitor either with default access rights or with person-specific access rights. When they leave, your visitor will follow the same procedure, but then for signing out.

Your employee as the host or hostess

Always connect the appointment directly with your employee/host. In so doing, your visitors, hosts and the reception desk staff are immediately informed of the planned visit. Additionally, your employee/host will promptly receive a notification when the visitor is physically signed in on arrival by your reception desk staff. Then your employee/host can receive the visitor. This prevents errors and improves your service orientation.


Do you want to enhance your efficiency and avoid mistakes? Allow your visitors to register themselves! Your employee enters the name, email address and time of the visit and the system automatically generates an email invitation to your visitor to register themselves in advance.

Your visitor will receive a confirmation email containing directions. The host receives an appointment confirmation by email with the visitor's details. Since BlueEntrance is linked to the parking system, on arrival the visitor can immediately drive into the parking lot.

Invitation feature

Invitation feature

Use the BlueEntrance application to send a registration email to invite your customers. The reception desk staff or employee sends an invitation to the invited guest. This guest is then able to fill in all the required information (personal and company details, license plate number and other matters that are relevant). It is even possible, for example, to show the company's security instructions, or to upload mandatory files. This can be set up entirely according to your preferences and requirements. Once the data has been entered the reception desk staff or the inviting employee gets a confirmation. The relevant guest is immediately recorded in the system as an 'expected guest' with all the correct details. Everything is automatically arranged properly and welcoming, all the way from access to the parking lot onwards.

Read more about the BlueEntrance options or click on 'our solution' to see what our other links can do for you.

Authentication, verification and authorisation

By using the BlueEntrance upload feature, you can easily manage all the important documents for employees, contractors and visitors, for a verified access to your company. Authenticate your employees and visitors in advance, and verify security documents such as passports, ID cards, CERT (company emergency response team), SCC (safety checklist for contractors), certificate of good conduct (VOG), work permits and gate instructions. Documents are checked for authentic security features and validity data using web services. Easily authorise access rights for your employees and visitors for the required period.

Get a reminder about when your employees' course documents have "almost" expired.

Link your operational systems

A direct link to your current operating systems such as Access Control, Parking, Active Directory, HRM, Lockers, Clothing, (badge) Printer, VOIP and/or other systems such as ID and passport scanner, ensure an automated access procedure! Whatever system you use, as an independent party we can set up the link to any system for you. Your existing data is thus easily integrated in BlueEntrance.

Integration without BlueEntrance intervention? BlueCon offers a solution.

Access with a QR code

Grant your visitors easy access using a QR code. After registering, your visitor is automatically sent a confirmation email including a QR code. This can be used, for example, to access your parking lot and/or your business premises.

Printing access cards with layout

Simply print the access pass for your new employee (PIL, PNNL), contractor or visitor. Simply select the preferred layout that has been developed in advance. We jointly develop the layout of your access cards.

Try BlueEntrance now for free!

Experience the convenience of professional visitor registration and apply for the free BlueEntrance Trial! Does your company receive visitors? Registration on paper is no longer allowed and you are probably required to administer the registration. Opt for a professional visitor registration.

Direct benefits

Expand your hospitality instantly! The daily management feature promptly shows all visitor registrations and changes can be made to personal data and visitors can be signed in and signed out. Visitor registration is GDPR proof. Thanks to the reporting feature (which includes all historical data) you gain an insight into your visitor data. In the event of an emergency, an immediate update of visitors currently present is at your disposal.

A great deal of manual work is automated, efficiency increases, and the chance of errors and operating costs are reduced.

Demo BlueEntrance

Challenges and the solution for parking management at NSI

Due to the unclear parking policy, company visitors were not always pre-registered and when there was a lot of traffic, they parked in places that were private. Often tenants' parking spaces were unjustly occupied when people paid for them.

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