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BlueSafety is the E-learning platform for companies that want to improve the safety of their environment. The platform enhances the safety of employees, contractors, and visitors. Make safety a certainty.

E - Learning platform

BlueSafety is the e-learning platform for companies that want to improve the safety of an environment and can be combined with our BlueEntrance solution. With the BlueSafety e-learning and testing platform you combine training and testing of employees, visitors of contractors on safety guidelines.

The BlueSafety platform can be used seperately, but with the integration of BlueEntrance, your workflow from a pre-regristration visitor or contractor, the real-time validation if the person is correctly qualified for the tasks or activities at check-in, issuance of the access pass with correct access rights and check-out are fully automated.

It strengthens the safety of employees, contractors and/or visitors and raises your safety level to an even higher level. 

Digital File

You are able to manage your own e-learning and testing platform. This way you can create a qualification matrix, so that you determine for which activities the persons must qualify within the (pre)registration and validation process of a visitor or contractor.

Within a digital file, all documents, test results and expiry dates are monitored and messages are automatically sent to the users when this data expires. This way you avoid possible security risks. 

Optionally, integration with the SCC-register is also available and the platform is scalable with the upload of and validation on other certificates and conditions.

Uitdagingen en de oplossing voor het parkeermanagement bij NSI

Door het onduidelijke parkeerbeleid werden bedrijfsbezoekers niet altijd vooraangemeld en werd er bij grote drukte op niet-eigen plekken geparkeerd. Vaak werden de parkeerplaatsen van huurders onterecht bezet terwijl men daarvoor wel betaalde.

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