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Your online visitor registration with the ability to link access rights to your access control. BlueEntrance works with all existing access systems. Receive your visitors at your counter and register them easily.

Why a registration portal?

Manually giving access to each employee, company guest, or group is time-consuming and can lead to confusion about the number of visitors per host or time.

A registration portal simplifies the registration process, making audits easier and providing clarity for security, facilities, and IT managers.

BlueEntrance, a web app, aids reception and HR in signing in, registering, and authorizing visitors and employees.


BlueEntrance offers various features for different needs. The registration portal adapts to these needs, allowing users to access specific features set by their main user. The aim is personalized access for all! Read on to explore the portal's functionalities.


BlueEntrance generates reports, oversees visitor sign-ins and their info. This offers better understanding of visitor details and past visits while keeping a friendly guest reception.

It also ensures data privacy and prepares for emergencies. You can track employees and guests and know how many are in each area.

Parking Solution

BlueEntrance not only grants access to your company but also manages access to your parking lot for employees and visitors. This is done by registering the license plate of the vehicle along with personal details. Once access rights are approved, the linked license plate can enter the parking area via a connection with the license plate recognition system.

A useful feature for parking areas with multiple tenants is the counting system. Understand how many employees and visitors park, for how long, and for each tenant.

Provide your employees and visitors with an automated, yet welcoming reception!

Register Employees

With BlueEntrance, registering staff is easy and fast. You can choose to do it manually or have it done automatically.

Moreover, you can create various access profiles based on employees' department, job, or level. These profiles allow specific permissions for entry, parking, and KIA/KUA systems.

Once the permissions are set, they are linked to the employee's access card. can be conveniently managed through the BlueEntrance app. You can customise the card's appearance to match your brand. Workers can approve their card online before receiving it and use the iDeal portal to add parking credits. Additionally, they may update their own information within the system.

Effective Appointment Management

Connect appointments with the employee or host directly. This way, everyone, including visitors, hosts, and reception staff, knows when someone is scheduled to visit.

Also, your employee or host will receive a notification when the visitor signs in at reception. This reduces mistakes and improves your service. Adjust these options in the application's settings easily.

Registering Visitors

Before a visitor arrives, you can input their details, such as their name, host, or license plate, and set their permissions. BlueEntrance guarantees efficient and secure operations.

The system is adjustable and can be personalised. For example, you can add information about lunch breaks, an additional host, or safety document verification.

Simplify Visitor Sign-Up

Use BlueEntrance to invite customers by email, customising it with security information. Once guests fill in the details, the company receives a confirmation, making them 'expected guests' with accurate details. Visitors can register in person or by email, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Once information is entered, the receptionist or host receives a confirmation. Guests receive a QR code from BlueEntrance to check in, ensuring a warm welcome from the car park. BlueEntrance links to the parking system for easy access, saving time and hassle.

On-Site Registration Kiosk

At the entrance, there's a special kiosk for visitors and staff to register in person.

They can enter their information in writing or by scanning a QR code from BlueEntrance. The system logs visitors automatically and can also print an access pass with standard or custom access rights. To check out, simply follow a similar process.

Read more on the BlueEntrance with Kiosk page.


In addition to registering visitors, BlueEntrance also provides reports that give you useful information on your pre-registered, current, and departed visitors.

These reports are particularly helpful for receptionists as they provide valuable information such as the number of visitors present at any given moment, their average count, and the busiest times. This enables you to be more hospitable, better plan for busy times and ensure security is aware.

Streamlined System Integration

Connect your existing systems such as access control, parking, HRM and more to automate access processes with BlueEntrance. We can connect to any system you use as an independent party, making it easy to integrate your data into BlueEntrance.

For more details on connecting systems to your preferred front end, visit the BlueConn page.

Customisable Access Cards

Printing badges for employees, contractors or visitors is easy. Because these badges are used often, it's important that they reflect your company's style. That's why the BlueEntrance application allows you to easily customise the layout of access badges. It ensures a professional and consistent look for all your access badges, helping you to create a consistent and welcoming environment for everyone who enters your premises.

Future-Ready Security with Azure AD

BlueEntrance takes you into the future with Microsoft's Azure AD. This integration makes logging in and managing the application safe and secure. Azure AD is Microsoft's modern, cloud-based login service. It uses existing, verified user accounts to ensure that only authorised people have access.

You can read more about Azure AD in our blogs. If you have any questions or are interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Challenges and the solution for parking management at NSI

Due to the unclear parking policy, company visitors were not always
pre-registered and when there was a lot of traffic, they parked in
places that were private. Often tenants' parking spaces were unjustly
occupied when people paid for them.

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