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Visitor management with kiosk combination

Link your visitor management with access rights to your access control system with BlueEntrance. Now expandable with the kiosk.

Visitor registration with kiosk

independently is now even easier with BlueEntrance. The use of BlueEntrance can be extended with a sign-in kiosk. Simplify and improve your sign-in process with the professional look of the sign-in kiosk.

Reception process via sign-in kiosk

Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by the touchscreen sign-in kiosk. The kiosk introduces the user to a registration procedure relevant to the visit. The data entered is communicated to BlueEntrance, providing a complete and up-to-date overview of the visitors present.

The kiosk serves as the point of contact for everything concerning visitor and contractor registration. Here, it is possible to inform each visitor of the house, hygiene and/or safety rules if required. This keeps your site safe and organised, and ensures that every type of visitor is aware of the necessary information.

Interactively communicate with access control

The kiosk is installed on site and consists of a touchscreen linked to BlueEntrance. This creates a secure connection and communication line. This kiosk is available with several options, each for different purposes, with the focus on welcoming communication with all users of the kiosk.

Furthermore, users can easily log in, register and have themselves informed via the screen, after which the receiver can further direct this person. All completed communication is transmitted directly with each of the linked access control systems so that visitor registration is always up-to-date.

Easily assign rights

Through BlueEntrance, you can link access rights. The application allows access rights to be linked to guests and employees within a location in a user-friendly way.

Another advantage of the kiosk is that a visitor can approve house, hygiene or safety rules on the spot. This way, the visit always stays according to the guidelines, efficient and structured.

Verschillende doeleinden van de zuil

The BlueEntrance with a kiosk package is customisable with the following options:

  • QR-code reader and NFC-reader
  • QR-code reader, Card dispenser & Printer
  • QR-code reader and Paspoort scanner
  • QR-code reader, NFC reader and Intercom

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