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BlueEntrance with kiosk combination

Link your visitor management with access rights to your access control system with BlueEntrance. Now expandable with the kiosk.

Your Sign-In Process with BlueEntrance Kiosk

Signing in on your own has been made easier thanks to BlueEntrance. By using a sign-in kiosk, you can improve its functionality and make the process smoother and more professional. The kiosk helps visitors and staff to easily and efficiently register, adding a touch of professionalism to your establishment's entrance area. This feature enhances your overall guest experience while ensuring that your reception area operates securely and efficiently.

Simple Registration Process

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted by a convenient touchscreen sign-in kiosk. This device guides them through a registration process, sending the entered data to BlueEntrance, which aids in maintaining an accurate overview of visitors.

Additionally, the kiosk serves as a central point for visitor and contractor registration, providing important information about house rules, hygiene, and safety as needed. These measures promote safety and organization, ensuring that all visitors are well-informed.

Interactive Kiosk for Seamless Communication

The kiosk available on-site has a touchscreen that connects to BlueEntrance and creates a secure channel for communicating. The kiosk provides various choices, each formed for specific purposes, with the prime intention of making it easy and pleasant to interact with users.

Users can effortlessly sign in, register, and get information through the touchscreen. After that, the system can direct them forward. All interactions are quickly updated with the linked systems controlling access, ensuring that visitor registration is constantly current.

Effortless Access Rights Linking with the Kiosk

With BlueEntrance, you can connect access rights easily. The app provides a straightforward way to link access rights to guests and staff at a particular site.

The booth also has the bonus of allowing visitors to agree promptly to housing, hygiene, or safety rules. This guarantees that each visit follows the guidelines, boosting efficiency and organization.

Different Kiosk set-ups

The BlueEntrance with a kiosk package is customisable with the following options:

  • QR-code reader and NFC-reader
  • QR-code reader, Card dispenser & Printer
  • QR-code reader and Paspoort scanner
  • QR-code reader, NFC reader and Intercom

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