Behind the scenes - Leon the developer

What is it like to work as a developer at Bluefield Smart Access? Let's ask one of our most experienced developers: Leon!

Are you wondering what it is like to work as a Developer at Bluefield Smart Access? Through the story of Leon, a Full Stack web developer at Bluefield Smart Access, we want to make this known to you. The route to this job started when he graduated from HBO Software Engineering at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. For this story, questions such as: what do you like most about being a developer? What exactly do you do as a full-stack web developer? And what tips do you have for someone who wants to work as a full-stack web developer?

Leon active behind his set-up

What Leon likes about being a Full Stack web developer

What Leon likes most about his job as a full-stack web developer is that he is involved in innovation every day and works together with his colleagues to deliver a high-performing product that is used by a large, varied group of customers. He also appreciates daily learning opportunities, such as finding ways to write code shorter or clearer and learning new frameworks. Leon realises that technology changes rapidly and he has to keep up with it, which makes the profession interesting and challenging.

Leon's work as a Full Stack web developer at Bluefield Smart Access

As a Full Stack web developer, Leon deals with both front-end and back-end tasks and develops web-based software applications using C# and, among others, at Bluefield Smart Access. Work is done using the SCRUM method so there are daily stand-ups with the team to discuss tasks and any issues. Leon is also the most experienced developer, with the most technical and customer-related experience and knowledge.

Leon's advice for aspiring Full Stack web developers

Leon advises people who want to work as a Full Stack web developer to look for a company where they can learn a lot from experienced developers and where new development strategies are used to learn the trade quickly and with the latest technologies. Especially at times like now, when AI is changing daily. He also mentions the importance of self-study and staying ahead of new developments and trends to keep developing your skills. That way, you can make good use of your free time in between!

Would you also like to work as a Developer at Bluefield Smart Access? Then take a quick look at the vacancies!

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