Improving Office Services for Multi-Tenant buildings

Discover how centralized access control systems and integrated parking management solutions are transforming multi-tenant office spaces for efficiency and security.

Meeting the Needs of Multi-Tenant Buildings

The owner of multiple centrally located office spaces in the Netherlands was looking for a comprehensive solution to improve its facility services. With their main aim being to provide better support to tenants and guests, which included businesses and flex workers, they were specifically looking at improving their reception and parking services. The main aim was to understand how much rented and available parking was used in various places, managed by the central office. The plan focused on simplifying these procedures while combining the hardware, software, HR systems, number plate readers, and entrance/exit gates to provide a comprehensive display.

Choosing Efficient Features

The app needed to have a clean and easy-to-use interface that could handle many administrators, taking into account a wide range of users and languages. The application helps register and manage all tenants and their parking details at multi-tenant sites. This made it easier to keep an eye on how long each person parked, track which cars belonged to each tenant, and get an overview of how many parking spaces each resident used at each location. It enabled the reception staff to record and connect visitors to the appropriate tenant, particularly when someone was not listed or was a guest.

Roles for "tenants" and "employees" were introduced, which allowed them to register tenants and handle parking areas, involving the inputting of registration plate information. These characteristics and reporting functions were supervised via on-site reception or a location chosen by the tenant.

Efficient Reporting for Parking Solutions

The reporting feature in these office spaces focused on parking solutions. Cameras and a controller, integrated with BlueEntrance, regulated the flow of traffic in and around the area. A system was developed to handle the varying parking requirements of tenants. Integration with the application enabled the display and reporting of parking usage by each tenant. Additionally, the system allowed parking reservations for employees, visitors, and other guests, reducing the workload on the reception. All data was presented in terms of the number of parkers, per tenant, and over specific periods.

To summarise, BlueEntrance has considerably enhanced the parking solutions in each multi-tenant office complex where it has been installed. The system provides administrators and receptionists with a thorough view of interconnected activities. Ultimately, the owner made the decision to broaden the parking options to additional sites.

Curious about how you can implement BlueEntrance in your space? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at or 085-2100870.

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