BlueEntrance Space: The All-in-one Visitor Management Solution

About two years ago, Bluefield Smart Access and SALTO Systems joined forces to combine their expertise in access solutions. This partnership resulted in a new and innovative product, BlueEntrance Space.

An International Partnership Takes Shape

Almost 2 years ago, Bluefield Smart Access and SALTO Systems presented an international partnership. Bluefield Smart Access, known for developing physical identity and access management solutions, specialises in large enterprise, government, industrial and real estate markets. The technology solutions such as BlueEntrance, BlueConn and BlueSafety automate registration, authentication and authorisation processes. SALTO Systems, a leading manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, has invested in Bluefield Smart Access to expand its global network of access control solutions. This partnership allows Bluefield Smart Access to anticipate rapid international growth while continuing to provide services independently.

This growth did not stop at all. Due to the partnership and hard work from both parties, frequent visits to both headquarters and dozens of online meetings between all relevant powers, a new solution is introduced to the world: BlueEntrance Space.

BlueEntrance Space

Elevate Visitor ID Management with BlueEntrance Space

BlueEntrance Space is a state-of-the-art visitor ID management solution developed by Bluefield Smart Access and SALTO Systems. It integrates visitor identification and access control into a single, comprehensive platform. This innovative software provides digital pre-registration, contactless check-in and check-out, real-time reporting and secure keyless access. By deploying BlueEntrance Space, building operators can automate visitor identification and provide pre-registered guests with unique access codes via email.

Self-Service Kiosks: Efficient and convenient visitor experience

Become future-proof with a compatible kiosk with BlueEntrance Space. Visitors can check in at self-service contactless kiosks or use RFID SVN smart badges or mobile QR codes for access. Creating a convenient, efficient, and welcoming entry to an environment. The kiosk is customizable with a camera, encoders, printers and more to come.

The system enhances security, streamlines operations and provides valuable data insights for intelligent decision-making. BlueEntrance Space can be used across multiple industries, making it a versatile, all-in-one solution for modern, high-tech buildings.

Read all about the benefits, specifications and compatibilities on the website of SALTO Systems:

For any direct questions, be sure to contact us through or give us a call +31(0) 85 - 210 0870.

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